We see leadership as a mean to bring about the best for all of our stakeholders. Whether they are patients, customers, partners, associates, or any other group in our society, the essence of leadership is caring for people and recognize this fact as a major driver of actions. In MMATISS BioResearch we lead by example, supporting ourselves in the use of three leadership components: Integrity, Inspiration and intelligence.

  • Integrity: Everywhere, all the time, we are open, honest and ethical. We believe integrity is fundamental in order to create and foster trust and to encourage values-based behaviors in our work team.
  • Inspiration: Our source of inspiration is the sincere belief that by doing our job we’re contributing to make possible for the people, the access to better health care products and thus to a better quality of life. We share this belief to promote and maintain commitment, and to encourage and inspire others to be and do the best they can.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence should be used to improve the real world, continuous improvement and breakthrough thinking are fundamental to be better and do things better. In MMATISS BioResearch Exercising good judgment by balancing the multiple perspectives of situations is deemed as one of the most valuable outcomes of exercising intelligence.


The value of our efforts lies in its capacity to allow us to achieve our goals. In our complex world, an outstanding performance is necessary to make things happen. We are accountable not only for our individual performance, but also for collective performance.


We respect and embrace one another’s differences. MMATISS BioResearch is committed to equality of opportunity, fairness, mutual respect and dignity at work for all associates. At MMATISS BioResearch we do not discriminate disability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, life style, age, thinking styles, gender, or religion.


The capacity to find relationships where they haven’t been identified before, to seek and visualize problems in new ways and to formulate solutions that address wants and needs holistically. In MMATISS BioResearch we keep our minds open and we cherish creativity for considering it as the source of innovation and in the last term as the source of the improvement of our surroundings.


The quality of spirit that enables a person to face, withstands, and overcome fear, or difficulty. At MMATISS BioResearch, with courage, we conquer boundaries and take calculated risks to obtain the best out of every possible situation. Courage is fundamental to make decisions, to turn thought into action, to recognize mistakes, and to promote change.